So here are some things to agree upon

Ok! So last time it was nearly beginning of 2013 when I posted something in this blog. It was probably an article about umm… Developers and Twitter, What’s the relation. I still remember it was the moment when I just came to know about Twitter APIs and how we can use them to fetch Twitter data. Well, that was some other time. Now it had been more than a year I graduated from my school. I am in college now. An Information Technology UG student.

Many things had happened in these two years. Like every other Indian Science-Math guy, I too was indulged in a race of IIT-JEE. A sad ending. Though I didn’t made it to Indian Institute of Technology, I managed to get into the best engineering college in the state and even got my preferred branch – Information Technology. Rest of experience remained very life changing.

So here are some other changes –

  • I had gone addicted to novels and literary works
  • I like reading History, though not at all interested in absorbing all what I read
  • Small sarcastic comics had been perfect source of entertainment to me
  • I prefer writing long posts than before though sometimes write ’em small when lazy
  • Sarcasm had gone over my head

Title – Just because he hated compromise


Developers and Twitter, What’s the relation

Just 3 hours before while I was going through the web I got an article which titled ‘Twitter and Developers: A love story‘, that of course made me smile but It also made me curious that what can be the relation between a third party developer. I tried to get my answers from several sites and what I got was interesting for myself.

According to the first line of Wikipedia, “Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters.” But actually it’s more than that.

As per to the need of a developer, he/she of course needs a blogging platform and twitter had proved itself as an awesome one. Many other peoples including many developers, movie stars, politicians, business entrepreneurs and many more had chose twitter as their blogging platform as it is easy, viral, fast and effective, It provide a direct power to the user to share web stuffs and many of their personal experience and thinkings.

Other than being a blogging platform it also provide an awesome platform for web developers to create Apps and APIs. Yes, it provides an open platform for all developers to create Apps that they can use them in their website. You had often seen on websites that there is option in Signing Up to a website through Twitter or Facebook, these all are created with these Apps. Now about APIs, twitter provide codes to developers so that they can create several kind of web applications that users may find very interesting and helpful, this often helps twitter to be more popular and also make the developers to make money by serving to others.

So In this way twitter had provided an awesome stage for developers to make web more better and also provide them a blogging platform. So if you are a twitter user then you must know that you had an awesome platform for sharing your thoughts and for developers it’s much more what we can thought about it.

Twitter and Developer

An awesome day for web design

It’s night now and in the last of this awesome Saturday I want to tell that this Saturday was a very awesome day for me. Believe it or not but today I created a web application (Log Comoj) and a login-sign up website(In Freeiz). Both are hosted with the help of 000webhost and are just sub domains.

In my second site ‘In Freeiz‘ there is in raw form right now and is not completed. I had just tried that the code that I had inserted is working right or not. And of course they were. I need some theme for that website that what should be it’s main theme. I want it to be different than the Social Networks like Facebook or My Space. Can you suggest me some?

When we talk about ‘Log Comoj‘, then it’s a web application in which I had used the major search engines of the web like Google, Yahoo, Bing and over 10 search engines where you can search about anything on just one website (Log Comoj), along with different search engines. You just have to select the engine and have to write for what you have to search and ‘Go’. You will be able to find the results on different sites. I hadn’t used any ads or location tracking scripts so it’s of course safe for all and no cookies or spyware.


In Freeiz: Right now an incomplete login – sign up website and need some suggestion that what should be its theme.

Log Comoj: My first web application in which you can search over 10 popular search engines at just a single site.

Busy at Codecademy

Hey again! Right now I am busy at Codecademy and trying to understand the JavaScript. I am a newbie and also trying to figure out it’s specific features. I had seen the website structure and source codes and they are really cool. After watching it’s structure and some of it’s feature I think that learning JS (JavaScript) will be fun here. Other than JS I am also thinking to open a group for CSS learners and pros but in its T&C it was written that the Admin have to approve the group first then only we are able to form an open group. Well! It’s not difficult for me, so here I go…

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

I joined Khan Academy (A non-profit educational site) nearly a month ago. Of course I had heard about it much before but initially I was not as much interested joining it because I was already having too much accounts.But soon I watched it’s reviews on other sites and found that there were positive feedback. So I decided to try it once if it doesn’t goes right then I’ll close my account. And I joined it.

After joining it I realised that this site was pretty cool for Science students. There were so many stuffs for Math, Science, Computer Science and many other things. I checked about the jobs and other sectors in the Khan Academy’s site and it was really cool. Now I am still it’s member and really happy with it as it’s helping me in my studies and my Computer Science education too.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan (Sal), an educator and founder of Khan Academy. In 2012, Time named Salman Khan in its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.