So here are some things to agree upon

Ok! So last time it was nearly beginning of 2013 when I posted something in this blog. It was probably an article about umm… Developers and Twitter, What’s the relation. I still remember it was the moment when I just came to know about Twitter APIs and how we can use them to fetch Twitter data. Well, that was some other time. Now it had been more than a year I graduated from my school. I am in college now. An Information Technology UG student.

Many things had happened in these two years. Like every other Indian Science-Math guy, I too was indulged in a race of IIT-JEE. A sad ending. Though I didn’t made it to Indian Institute of Technology, I managed to get into the best engineering college in the state and even got my preferred branch – Information Technology. Rest of experience remained very life changing.

So here are some other changes –

  • I had gone addicted to novels and literary works
  • I like reading History, though not at all interested in absorbing all what I read
  • Small sarcastic comics had been perfect source of entertainment to me
  • I prefer writing long posts than before though sometimes write ’em small when lazy
  • Sarcasm had gone over my head

Title – Just because he hated compromise


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