An awesome day for web design

It’s night now and in the last of this awesome Saturday I want to tell that this Saturday was a very awesome day for me. Believe it or not but today I created a web application (Log Comoj) and a login-sign up website(In Freeiz). Both are hosted with the help of 000webhost and are just sub domains.

In my second site ‘In Freeiz‘ there is in raw form right now and is not completed. I had just tried that the code that I had inserted is working right or not. And of course they were. I need some theme for that website that what should be it’s main theme. I want it to be different than the Social Networks like Facebook or My Space. Can you suggest me some?

When we talk about ‘Log Comoj‘, then it’s a web application in which I had used the major search engines of the web like Google, Yahoo, Bing and over 10 search engines where you can search about anything on just one website (Log Comoj), along with different search engines. You just have to select the engine and have to write for what you have to search and ‘Go’. You will be able to find the results on different sites. I hadn’t used any ads or location tracking scripts so it’s of course safe for all and no cookies or spyware.


In Freeiz: Right now an incomplete login – sign up website and need some suggestion that what should be its theme.

Log Comoj: My first web application in which you can search over 10 popular search engines at just a single site.